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Puzzle Express Gratis

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Ravensburger - Puzzle Disney Princess 3x49 Piezas, Edad Recomendada 5+ años - Dimensiones: 21 x 21 cm
  • ¡3 espléndidos puzzles en una caja! Ravensburger significa perfecta armonía entre tradición y calidad; cada puzzle garantiza diversión y satisfacción incomparables
  • Ravensburger es calidad para entendidos: Piezas siempre diferentes de encaje perfecto, acabado especial antirreflectante, robustez a prueba de error y cuidado del ambiente gracias al amplio uso de material reciclado
  • Tres puzzles Ravensburger de las Princesas Disney en un paquete; en la caja hay puzzles de 49 piezas en formato 18 x 18 cm
  • Los puzzles Ravensburger son un perfecto modo para relajarse después de una larga jornada o para divertirse en familia en un día de lluvia
  • La superioridad de los puzzles Ravensburger es reconocida; cada pieza es única y encaja perfectamente con las otras. La calidad se acentúa mediante el uso de troqueles realizados a mano, una de las numerosas formas en que Ravensburger demuestra su pasión por la excelencia. ¡Descubre tú también un nuevo mundo de diversión con los productos de calidad Ravensburger
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Cleo y Cuquín - ¡Vamos a jugar!
  • Percepción visual
  • Psicomotricidad
  • Seguridad vial
  • Ciencia y naturaleza
  • Medio ambiente
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Kids Preschool Puzzle Express | Preschool Learning
  • Colorful game for children of all ages.
  • Animated trains offering 7 different categories
  • Adapted to handled easily by kids and toddlers
  • Improves kids’ concentrations and observation skills
  • Improves kids’ memory and imagination skills
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Hidden Express
  • Pure hidden object hunting at its best! Just one beautiful scene after another.
  • Thousands of levels to play with new scenes added every month.
  • Weekly themed events and tournaments - win great rewards!
  • One-of-a-kind hand-crafted scenes - the scenes look real because they ARE real.
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Christmas Stories 8: Enchanted Express - Find Hidden Objects Mystery Puzzle Game
Más vendidos no. 6
azulejos de líneas
  • Block Puzzle Express: azulejos de líneas es un juego clásico y muy interesante con un diseño gráfico muy agradable.
Más vendidos no. 7
Magic Fruit Blast - Addictive Puzzle Swap & Match Block Rush Craze Free Edition
  • - If you succeed, the puzzle will explode into tiny bits, which then recombine into a new challenging shape
  • - And each puzzle picture is stunning
  • - You must place all the pieces of the puzzle in the correct position
  • - Take yourself on a wild journey and experience the adventure with Candy Bubble Blaster
  • - Just complete a puzzle you made, click the share icon in the top right, and a link to your puzzle is automatically saved to your clipboard
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Outburst Express
  • Tap and destroy! Do that and you’ll win big points! Tap the same-colorer blocks and see how new ones fill up the space! Crush 3 or more and earn different rewards. Outburst Express offers unlimited time of fun! Wherever you are, the time you have is perfect to play Outburst Express! It’s a really addicting game so be really careful, the high-def pictures make Outburst Express as real as you can get! Feast your ears with smashing new sounds. It’s a perfect combo of fun, quality and quantity. Get this unique game for free and start a completely new quest that will take you to different worlds in several missions. Smash the blocks! Get it all today by downloading it from the app store.
  • Still searching for new ways to activate your memory and skills? Outburst Express has the answer! Boost up your day for free and swipe it all the blocks away by crushing the blocks of the same kind next to each other. Score big, win like never before! Exciting missions and crazy stages. Get one of the top games on the market! Challenge everyone you know and bright up their day! Solve the hidden mysteries in this animated game. Have it all for free today! It is not a miracle match 3 game, it’s a new and awesome puzzle-matching deluxe!
  • Break your own records! Get your act together and begin to have the best gamer experience of your life! No empty spaces, no wasted time, Outburst Express will be in charge from now on of your waiting and relaxing time. Free your mind with Outburst Express, and enjoy every second of your day.
  • The social network sharing feature in now effective! Play with friends, share your score, challenge everyone you know and enjoy Outburst Express like never before! Raise your score every time you play. Wrapped in this special edition saga-deluxe is the secret to avoid once and for all the spare time of your day you don’t know what to do with. Try Outburst Express today and start enjoying every move you make!
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Hugging Express
  • Hugging Express is a new way to play the classic don’t tap the wrong tile! So as it says before you just have NOT TO TAP THE WRONG TILE! Hugging Express is an arcade motion game which adrenaline takes part in all modes. So start playing the most addictive tap & win game with great pixel art and amazing music and sound effects. You can start loving this classic arcade piano tile game for free today! Start winning big scores and unlock medals and awards. Take on the Hugging Express fever!
  • Leave your music printed on the black and white tiles, impress yourself watching how far you can go. Play piano tap - step games for free and unleash your master within.
  • Hugging Express is compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire HD, HDX, and other Amazon Android mobile devices. Play Hugging Express and don’t touch the white tiles. That’s it, the only rule in all modes. Only tap the black tiles. You’ll think you’re playing a real piano! with light taps and quick fingers you’ll always aim to get a high score!!
  • So don’t loose your head or the game, check out how easy it is to start and how difficult it is to stop playing. Get this stress-release piano tile game and enjoy every moment of it!
  • Piano Modes for Hugging Express:
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Stepping Ether Express
  • If you’re looking for a game that will blow your mind, here it is! Stop the boredom of your day and get this amazing side-scrolling quest by getting our lovely ladybug flap its wings throng the obstacles. Download now Stepping Ether Express and start to enjoy flapping around the forest happily ever after! When you tap the screen, the ladybug flies high, when you release, it flies low and falls down. The catch is not to touch any obstacles, keep flapping and see how far it can go. Stepping Ether Express seems easy? Well, you will be surprised to see that mastering Stepping Ether Express is quite a challenge! The graphics are incredibles! So colourful that children will love it, and lets face it, who doesn’t love a cute little ladybug! Stepping Ether Express is not Flappy Bird or is in any way related to its creators “Gears Studio”, but you’ll be impressed of the tons of fun you’ll have. Stepping Ether Express is completely FREE! And though not all the free stuff is fun, Stepping Ether Express is so fun you’ll be addicted to it really fast! Try to get the highest score and see how far you and others can go!
  • It’s really difficult for the ladybug to flap its wings like a bird through the forest with all the obstacles in its path. You can help it fly and fly again by tapping all the way. Stepping Ether Express increases your reflex and coordination skills so, if you have any children, this game will certainly be helpful. 'Stepping Ether Express’ also has amazing sound effects and really stunning and colourful paper effect swell as cheerful music everyone goes crazy for.
  • Stepping Ether Express is a unique game for everyone to play. Yes, is for everyone. You can be 3 years old or a hundred! Anyone can play! And so is more fun because you can compete with anyone! With your mom or dad, your kids, even your grandpa! Its really easy for anyone because of its super responsive controls. Imagine telling your teacher “If I win, I’ll be the teacher for today!” or your kids “If you win, you don’t have to eat your broccoli”. You can practice all day long and never be bored again in your life! Stepping Ether Express is a fast-paced game play you won’t want to let go. You can download it now completely free and start playing right away. Oh, and don’t worry, once you’ve downloaded it you won’t need the internet anymore! That’s right! You don’t need wifi or any connection to play!
  • Stepping Ether Express is a side-scrolling 2D platformer so you’ll have lots of fun! You can play it any time, anywhere! Get your mobile and start playing! The long waiting lines won’t be as boring as they used to be! You won’t have to stare at the person in front of you in the bus! You’ll have Stepping Ether Express to take care of all the time you need. So if you’re not a mini game fan, be careful because once you’ve tried Stepping Ether Express, you’re gonna have to call yourself a mini-game fan! Get inside this Stepping Ether Express action and adventure addiction with our lovely ladybug! Be the best and get the highest score!!

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